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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disappointment from Bike Bandit

My eagerly awaited box from was waiting for me when I got home yesterday-hurray! Inside were the parts I ordered last week, the fuel petcock and the National Cycle wind shield. I've been getting really anxious to add this new windscreen to the bike as a graduation present from the winter's work in the shop.

Except there was no mounting hardware in the for the windshield in the box-boo! None. Nada. I double checked. I stirred the styrofoam packing peanuts around to make sure the parts weren't buried. Nope, they weren't included in the shipment! Hooverdamm! Ok, I'll contact Bike Bandit and get this fixed. Except you can't call them. They ignore take emails and encourage use of their Online Chat feature to chat with a Customer Service type person. Which isn't a bad method of doing business, really, except that their system won't put your request into a queue when all the CS types are busy. It kicks you off and tells you to try again later.

Which is what I did, repeatedly, until I got through to a real-live Customer Service person, Franco on the other end of one of those interweb tubes. Franco assured me that a) there was no chance of them locating the missing hardware and sending it to me and, b) he would order another windshield from the warehouse and personally inspect it before shipping it to me and, c) I would have an email with 1/2 hour with the shipping label for the item I have to return and the shipping details for the replacement.

Four hours later I still didn't get the email…

I am disgruntled. This is the first error on Bike Bandit's part since I began ordering from them in January. I'm sure it was a simple mistake by one low paid and over worked guy in the shipping department and he probably has found the parts and doesn't know what to do with them now, but I'm sure disappointed right now.

Tomorrow- the carb jets and parts should arrive at the Suzuki store. So I'll be able to pick those up and take the BSU to supper at one of her favorite places which is just a few blocks from the cycle store all in one trip.

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